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Cesar E. Chavez

(Commemorative US Postage Stamp 2003)

"There is a great fear of our Union - a fear that I do not fully understand, but that I know is present...What is it that causes some men to act so hastily and so cruelly? It cannot be that we are so powerful. Is it so much to ask that the poorest people of the land have a measure of justice?"

Cesar E. Chavez
Co-founder, President
United Farm Workers

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We are a union print shop because we believe that unions help provide a necessary voice for workers on the job. And we believe that unions have been a positive force in helping working Americans move up the economic ladder.

Winning advancements and fighting wrongs in our society takes collective action. We can't do it all alone.

The Labor Movement has provided that framework for years. Unions provide workers (both blue collar and white collar, private and public sector) with a voice in determining their working conditions and their future. And unions have been on the forefront of social justice and civil rights issues.

Without the blood, sweat and tears of thousands of members of the labor movement that came before us, many of the working conditions and social benefits that we expect and take for granted today, would not exist.

That fight still goes on today, both home and abroad as globalization runs rampant. Supporting the right to form independent trade unions around the world is one way to counter globalizations' exploitation of workers.

Unions are not a thing of the past. Consider these issues.

  • Skyrocketing executive pay (CEO perks alone in 2008 amounted to an average of $364,041—or nearly 10 times the median salary of a full-time worker.)
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  • Equal pay for equal work. In 2007, women were paid only 77 cents for every dollar a man is paid, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. read more
  • Clean energy and Green jobs. The Blue Green Alliance is a partnership of four unions and two environmental organizations working to slow down climate change and create green jobs.
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When you see a union label (or bug) on a product, it means the workers are protected by a contract that specifies wages, working conditions, safety and health issues and much more.

So look for the union label. And remember that Democracy should not end at the workplace door.


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